AlKharj R, Riyadh 14352,

Gulf Football Cup19

The factory has sponsored the ninteenth Gulf Football Cup, in Oman for the period from 01.04.2009 m and to 17.1.2009 in support of this tournament as it represents this session of the utmost importance to the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council and the rise of sports, especially football, where contributed to this session in the development of the level of all participatingcountries and reported evidence the participation of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE in the World Cup, the GCC countries obtained advance positions in various international activities , where the factory advertise on the screens on the pitch, about 25 thounds packages of dates were distributed to the public in different number of games, the dates were distributed to VIP guests and players, the Committee of Referees and staff o f the host country of Oman. where our dates met with highly motivated by the Omani hospitable people and by each who tasted it during the tournament, due to this demand distribution contract was signed with our distributor currently approved there in order to meet the requirements of the Omani market.