Where we reached?

List of countries we export to

Middle East:

UAE, Oman, Kuwait,
Jordan, Lebanon, Syria,
Lipa, Iraq, Djibouti .


France, Britain,
Norway, Bosnia

North Amarica:

USA, Canada

South America:


East Asia & Pacific:

Australia, China,
Hongkong, Taiwan

South Asia:

India, Sri Lanka
Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan

Government official bodies

Customs And Government Procedures:
  • Certificate Of Origin.
  • Phytosanitary Certificate.
  • Commercial Invoice.
  • Bill Of Quantities.
  • Shipping Policy.
Initial agreement
Initial export agreement procedures:
  • Provide information about the exporting company.
  • Provide a list of required items.
  • Provide information about the export destination and shipping mechanism.
Export order approval procedures:
  • Officially accept the quotation.
  • Pay 40% of the order amount upon approval.
  • Pay 60% of the order amount before loading.

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Export Application Form

If you would like to inquire about export, you can use the export form below and fill in the required information so that we can communicate with you and serve you better.


Export Info

Type of Shipping
(Additional description of the company )
File Upload
Maximum upload size: 5MB
(Allowed files : jpeg, pdf , doc , ppt , xls, , docx , xlsx , pptx )